"Vision training for sport is the application of specific exercises conducted over a period of time that leads to neural restructuring of cortex and brainstem pathways allowing a person to maximise efficiency while performing visual perceptual tasks leading to enhanced visual motor performance"

Pierre Elmurr BAppSc (Orthoptics) DOBA MAppSc (ExerSportsSc), Sports Vision Scientist
(Vision consultant, NSW Institute of Sport)

Latest News: (21 January 2017)
SVT Produces World Champions!
Current WBO champions Mr Alexander Usyk and Mr Vasyl Lomachenko used an SVT to help them win their respective titles.
Please view the Info - SVT Produces World Champions! page for more information.

Recent News: (26th July 2016)
We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new distribution partners In South Korea (Sungu Inc) and India (Pukhya Healthcare), please view the Info - Distributors page for more information.

Recent News: (3rd May 2016)
We are excited to announce a new product for academics, researchers and professionals alike.
Introducing - SVT™ Professional.
SVT™ Professional Software v1.04 is now available for download for all users.
Please refer to the section on SVT-Professional for more information.

Update your old single colour parallel port SVT to the latest USB based multi-colour system with a DIY upgrade kit.

Features include:
• Ultra bright RGB LEDs (400% brighter than the previous model) allowing use in high ambient light.
• Software defined choice of 16.7 million colours for the LEDs.
• Unique ability to simultaneously test/train multiple clients using multiple panels linked to one PC.
• USB powered by your portable PC allowing testing/training out in the field without mains power.




Portable USB Powered hand-eye coordination testing and training device.

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After years of research in conjunction with the New South Wales Institute of Sport, Australia, Sports Vision Scientist Pierre Elmurr has developed a scientific approach for sports vision training programs.

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