SVT - Introduction


The Sports Vision Trainer (SVT™) – an advanced visual motor performance instrument designed to assist human performance including athletes, humans in rehabilitation and specific occupations such as the military.
The unique features of the (SVT™) are based on over 10 years of research at the New South Wales Institute of Sport, Sydney Australia.
The programs used to test and train athletes encompass the principles of motor learning to provide a scientific approach to enhancing the central nervous system through eye-hand coordination.
The recent addition of multi-coloured LEDs takes the (SVT™) into a new dimension of assessing and training decision making skills that are a key component in all aspects of human performance.


Why test for eye-hand coordination?

Eye-hand coordination is an integral component of human performance and is defined as a perceptual-motor skill involving the integration and processing in the central nervous system of visual and tactile information so that purposeful motor movements can be made.
It is the ability to see and react within milliseconds to people and objects moving at different speeds and through different trajectories, whether in the direct line of sight or on the visual periphery.


The SVT™ – the ultimate eye-hand coordination trainer:

The Sports Vision trainer (SVT™) was exclusively researched for over 3 years and is manufactured in Australia.
It aims to provide athletes and non-athletes with the competitive edge in training their visual-motor reaction time.
Independent research conducted at the New South Wales Institute of Sport, has shown that training on the SVT™ 3 times a week for 5 weeks in 30 minute sessions significantly improves eye-hand coordination.
A transfer effect to a control device has also been demonstrated.

The SVT™ mimics the eye-hand coordination demands of many team sports, including defence in basketball, goal-keeping in water polo and general passing and throwing in football, cricket and other ball sports.

It can be used to:

•    Replicate and test the stressful demands of sport.
•    Assess and train for specific body movements.
•    Test both central and peripheral vision, enhancing athletes’ awareness of external stimuli.
•    Identify weakness in vision and motor movements.
•    Assess improvements in general or specific training periods and drills.
•    Provide an alternative to physical activities during rehabilitation from injury.

The SVT™ is also more than a sports product – it has wider applications in the fields of rehabilitation, motor behaviour, sports psychology, orthoptics and optometry. 

It can be used to:

•    Identify and rehabilitate motor dysfunction caused by strokes, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and other debilitating conditions.
•    Help in the injury rehabilitation process for car accident victims and amputees.
•    Improve visual deficiencies through the testing of visual acuity, range, colour fields, limits and eye movements.

Please note: the SVT™ is not a substitute for an eye examination.
If a visual problem is suspected, please consult an eye care professional.

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