SVT™ Hardware

32 light Sports Vision Trainer (SVT™)

The 32 sensor pad SVT™ Is a truly portable system developed for teams and practitioners who want to use the SVT™ in different field locations without the need for AC mains power.
Depending on the application, It can be used in landscape or portrait orientations.
The unit has stabilising feet for easy setup and use, so there is no need for brackets.
The dimensions are 135 cm in width by 60 cm in height, thickness with feet attached is 19 cm.

80 light Sports Vision Trainer (SVT™)

The 80-sensor pad SVT™ is a wall mounted non-portable system, dimensions are 1.25 metres by 1.25 metres and weight is 15 kg.

SVT™ Software:

SVT™ professional software

After several years or research on how to analyse SVT data and get meaningful information at a single glance, we came up with the SVT Professional software.
Compatible with existing SVT datasets, the Professional series of software allows you to graphically visualise, track and compare test results with ease.
Leveraging the power of DSP (Digital Signal Processing), SVT Professional can visually show trends in data by pooling information from test results in spatial, frequency and time domains.
SVT Professional has all of the features of the standard software and can unlock a wealth of information contained in your existing SVT database.

SVT™ Professional software features: